Food-Manufacturing Products From MPI


  • We understand how critical it is to prevent recalls, there are many processes, many control points, and many risks
  • We have supplied equipment to 93% of the top 100 food companies
  • MPI is repeatedly asked to provide educational seminars regarding the optimal use of separation equipment for food safety
  • Several top food companies have standardized their Food Safety Plans on MPI practices and equipment
  • MPI customer Bill of Rights-read them here


It’s no secret that FSMA compliance is a main focus for food manufacturers today which is why MPI is dedicated to being the only choice in complete metal control for food manufacturing facilities.

MPI was the first metal control systems company to have employees become HACCP Certified through The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. We want to provide our customers value and the most knowledgeable assistance in the industry with regard to Food Safety and FSMA. We believe that taking extra steps in certifying our employees adds an additional layer of validity to our audit program, and demonstrates that MPI is the industry leader in standards and education on this important topic.


MPI believes that to accomplish total confidence in your metal control plan you must base it on education and regular Metal Control System audits.

MPI metal control systems audits are a comprehensive picture of a facility’s metal control system and designed to provide proof of HACCP compliance and documentation requirements. Part of your audit will include an education training seminar for your employees to learn about your specific metal control equipment and how to maintain it. When you contact us to schedule an audit we will:

1. Develop audit plan: To have a successful audit, we need to review your current quality requirements to ensure they are followed during the audit

2. Education seminar: An optional educational seminar is designed to help your team understand metal control technology basics, maintenance and proper test methods

3. Conduct the audit: Walking your plant together we will inspect the currently installed equipment and test each system

4. Written report: Following the audit, a written report will be submitted with the results of the audit

5. Prioritize and execute: Based on your prioritization we will help you develop the business case and execute the plan together

6. Peace of mind: You enjoy the peace of mind that you have installed metal control equipment that will deliver years of reliable service

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