Food-Manufacturing Products From MPI


  • We understand. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice profit margin because of inefficient or ineffective sorting equipment.
  • We have decades of experience. When possible, we conduct testing prior to manufacturing, which means you can expect hassle-free, custom-made equipment.
  • We know quality. We build our product to the highest standard with top quality materials so they last.
  • MPI Customer Bill of Rights – read them here
MPI -- Magnetic Products, Inc.


We understand the pressures of keeping production running and maximizing profit. With over 35 years in the metal sorting technology industry, MPI specializes in highly customized sorting systems. We have the application experience to ensure MPI equipment efficiently and reliably achieves your ferrous sorting goals.
Video of a custom precious metals recovery system:

Let’s Get Started

  1. Contact MPI today and alleviate your concerns about missing potential profit and suffering through downtime due to tramp metal.
  2. Assess the current situation: Walking your plant together we will review the currently installed equipment and review for opportunities for improvement
  3. Education seminar: An optional educational seminar is designed to help your team understand metal control technologies and maintenance to ensure equipment is running at peak performance
  4. Develop a plan: Based on your feedback, we will develop options and recommendations to improve your plant’s scrap or parts handling processes
  5. Prioritize and execute: Based on your prioritization we will help you develop the business case and execute the plan together
  6. Peace of mind: You enjoy the peace of mind that you have installed metal control equipment that will deliver years of efficient and reliable service
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