ElectroPermanent Mastermill Milling Chuck

ElectroPermanent Mastermill Milling Chuck

The MPI ElectroPermanent Mastermill Milling Chuck is a versatile magnetic chuck for mil more

• Workholding force of 170N/cm² / 246lbs/in²
• Extremely low height 51mm/ 2.01″
• Minimum workpiece size: 50 x 110 x 12mm/ 1.97 x 4.33 x 0.47“
• Square poles
• Pole size 50 x 50 with 10mm gaps/ 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.39”
• Regrinding limit 6mm/ 0.24”
• For optimum holding force, the required workpiece thickness is at least 12mm/ 0.47”
• Quick push-pull connector
• Stoppers on two (2) sides
• 6m long armored cable
• One (1) year warranty for the magnetic system

The  ElectroPermanent Mastermill Milling Chuck is a chuck with 50×50 mm square poles, a compact low design (only 51 mm high) and a nominal holding force of 170 N/cm2. The ElectroPermanent magnet has a practical offset (slot) around its entire perimeter for clamps and there is also enough space on the magnet to perform through clamping holes. Using pole extensions, the material can be machined from five (5) sides, drilled through, and uneven material can be machined as well.

MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.
MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.

  • Different cable junction box location
  • Through-going holes for fixing the chuck to the machine table
  • Holes for pole extensions
  • Fixed and adjustable pole extensions, allowing machining from five (5) sides
  • Other input voltages
  • Suitable control unit and electrical connection.
  • Special Order FOB Factory call local Distributor for Price and Delivery

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