M-200 Electric Scrap Shaker Conveyor


The patented heavy duty M-200 Electric Scrap Shaker Conveyor uses a standard 110V, three-prong AC electrically driven motor. Its quiet operation and maintenance-free reliability make the M-200 the most versatile and affordable part transferring machine on the market. With a 200 lb. tray capacity, up to 20 FPM part movement speed, a simple on-off reset breaker, and accessibility to tie into your press controls for automatic startup and shut down, the M-200 is the only part transfer unit you’ll ever need.

Do you require a unit that can exceed the M-200’s 14-foot capability when used with a rack-and-pinion system? The M-200 is universally compatible with other M-200 units, meaning you can run two or more units together simultaneously to meet your objectives. Better yet, the M-200 can use up to a 6′ cross bar without jeopardizing the included one-year warranty.

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