Metal Detector R (Ring Sensor)


The R types provide the highest performance in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

Typically, applications are in the medical-pharmaceutical sector as well as sanitary items, foods, and chemical powders.

The product falls through the R sensor head. An optional reject unit will promptly separate the smallest metal objects out of the goods stream.

Reject Device for R Sensor Head: Metal particles are rejected automatically. Reject timing through metal detector control box. Pneumatic drive system.

The METAL SHARK® R is generally used for:

  • Sanitary items
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical powders
  • High-end plastic resins

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  • Full 2 year warranty on complete system–giving you peace of mind
  • Hygienic food industry design-ensures compliance with good manufacturing principles
  • Semi-flexible aperture lining–resists thermal shock due to temperature change and protects the sensor for maximum operating life and minimum down time
  • All solid state electronics housed on one main board–ensures years of reliable performance offering the lowest cost of ownership on the market
  • Intuitive menu structure–simple operation for reliable performance, no expensive service calls to adjust settings
  • Full HACCP compliance–demonstrates your due diligence, ensures you and your customers are protected
  • Full pre-sale applications and custom design service–making sure we provide the right solution first time
  • Satisfaction guarantee–put simply, the unit will perform as specified or we will take it back for a full refund
  • Metal particles are rejected automatically.
  • Material in contact with product = FDA approved quality (PTFE, stainless steel)
  • Reject unit is suitable for pipe diameter 35
  • Reject timing through metal detector control box
  • Pneumatic driven
  • Hygienic design
  • Max. flow rate 600 liter per hour (depending on product density and separation time)

Ultra high sensitivity

R0010 (10 mm Ø) = Fe 0,05 / NFe 0,12 / SS 0,15 mm sphere

R0015 (15 mm Ø) = Fe 0.10 / NFe 0.25 / SS 0.30 mm sphere

R0025 (25 mm Ø) = Fe 0.15 / NFe 0.30 / SS 0.35 mm sphere

R0035 (35 mm Ø) = Fe 0.20 / NFe 0.35 / SS 0.40 mm sphere

R0050 (50 mm Ø) = Fe 0.25 / NFe 0.40 / SS 0.50 mm sphere

  • SHARKNET® software
    • Monitor real-time inspection results and actively manage product inspection equipment from a central computer
    • Enables automatic downloading of data documentation to a Windows-based PC
    • Support required compliance with: HACCP-SQF 2000-BRC-GMP-IFS5-FSSC 22000/PAS 220
    • Remote maintenance capability by operators and Cassel technicians
    • All data is stored in an SQL database for easy export or integration if needed

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