Handheld Demagnetizer

The new MPI Handheld Demagnetizer reaches where table or tunnel demagnetizers cannot re more

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  • Compact dimensions and mobility
  • High demagnetization power
  • Lightweight plastic structure with a large handle
  • Push button for simple operation overheating protection
  • 110 VAC 10 ft power supply cable with plug
  • Recommended duty cycle 20 %, maximum operating time 10 min.
  • ElectroPermanent Magnetic Technology
  • One (1) year warranty for the magnetic system
  • Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards

Magnetized workpieces cross the electrical plane exposing the workpiece to an opposite magnetic field creating an irregular magnetic field. By slow movement across the top plate and away, the unwanted residual magnetism is effectively removed from object.

When to choose the MPI Handheld Demagentizer:

The MPI Handheld Demagnetizer is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of small and large or complex components. Handheld Demagnetizer HD2 is for larger and thicker workpieces or tools.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Demagnetization
  • Technology: Electropermanent
  • Operation: pushbutton
  • Duty cycle: 20%, maximum operating time 10 minutes
  • Magnetization power: high
  • Depth of demagnetization field: up to 1.57 in
  • Included: 110 VAC 10ft power supply cable with plug


  • For large or complex components, such as molds, bearings, and various machine and mechanical parts, etc. It is an efficient tool where quick and mobile demagnetization is needed.

US Customary Units

  Part Number L W H Depth of Magnetic Field Voltage Weight
NLA HHDM-HD1 7.9 4.1 3.3 max 0.79 110V 4.2
HHDM-HD2 8.5 6.3 3.3 max 1.57 110V 4.85

Metric Units

  Part Number L W H Depth of Magnetic Field Voltage Weight
NLA HHDM-HD1 200 104 84 max 20 110V 2.0
HHDM-HD2 216 160 84 max 40 110V 2.2

  • Customized working area units
  • Demagnetizers available in hand, table and tunnel versions
  • Special Order FOB Factory call local Distributor for Price and Delivery