Table Demagnetizer (TTD)

Table Demagnetizer (TTD)

The MPI Table Demagnetizer (TTD) is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of more

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  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Stainless steel top plate
  • Double pole switch with signal light
  • Power cord 3m with plug
  • Input voltage: 110V/60Hz 352 VA
  • Features large effective area
  • Automatic increase of demagnetizing field with workpiece volume
  • Field penetration up to 40mm/ 1.57”
  • One (1) year warranty

Magnetized workpieces cross the electrical plane exposing the workpiece to an opposite magnetic field creating an irregular magnetic field. A spinning motion causes the magnetic fields to quickly disappear.

When to choose the MPI Tabletop Demagentizer (TTD):

The MPI Tabletop Demagnetizer (TTD) is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of flat and small cylindrical components. The TTD allows for manual demagnetization as well as easily integrated into a production line for instance under a conveyor belt.

Important parameters:

    • Application: Demagnetization
    • Technology: Electro
    • Max. workpiece size: 15.8 x 11 in
    • Duty cycle: 20 %
    • Height of demagnetization field: up to 1.6 in
    • Voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz


    • manual demagnetization of tools, dies, bearings, and other cylindrical and flat components
    • demagnetization under a conveyor belt on a production line
    • create a larger working area by placing several demagnetizers side by side
MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.

US Customary Units

Part Number L W H Voltage Weight
TTD-3 9.84 7.09 3.43 110V 19.40
TTD-4 11.02 10.47 3.43 110V 30.86
TTD-5 13.75 12.05 3.43 110V 41.89

Metric Units

Part Number L W H Voltage Weight
TTD-3 250 180 87 110V 8.8
TTD-4 280 266 87 110V 14
TTD-5 400 306 87 110V 19

  • Customized working area units
  • Demagnetizers available in hand, table and tunnel versions
  • Suitable for production lines i.e., under a conveyor belt
  • Enlarge work area by adding more demagnetizers side by side
  • Special Order FOB Factory call local Distributor for Price and Delivery

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