Table Demagnetizer (TTD)

The MPI Table Demagnetizer (TTD) is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of more

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  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Stainless steel top plate
  • Double pole switch with signal light
  • Power cord 3m with plug
  • Input voltage: 110V/60Hz 352 VA
  • Features large effective area
  • Automatic increase of demagnetizing field with workpiece volume
  • Field penetration up to 40mm/ 1.57”
  • One (1) year warranty

Magnetized workpieces cross the electrical plane exposing the workpiece to an opposite magnetic field creating an irregular magnetic field. By slow movement across the top plate and away, the unwanted residual magnetism is effectively removed from object.

When to choose the MPI Tabletop Demagentizer (TTD):

The MPI Tabletop Demagnetizer (TTD) is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of flat and small cylindrical components. The TTD allows for manual demagnetization as well as easily integrated into a production line for instance under a conveyor belt.

Important parameters:

    • Application: Demagnetization
    • Technology: Electro
    • Max. workpiece size: 15.8 x 11 in
    • Duty cycle: 20 %
    • Height of demagnetization field: up to 1.6 in
    • Voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz


    • manual demagnetization of tools, dies, bearings, and other cylindrical and flat components
    • demagnetization under a conveyor belt on a production line
    • create a larger working area by placing several demagnetizers side by side
MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.

US Customary Units

Part Number L W H Voltage Weight
TTD-3 9.84 7.09 3.43 110V 19.40
TTD-4 11.02 10.47 3.43 110V 30.86
TTD-5 13.75 12.05 3.43 110V 41.89

Metric Units

Part Number L W H Voltage Weight
TTD-3 250 180 87 110V 8.8
TTD-4 280 266 87 110V 14
TTD-5 400 306 87 110V 19

  • Customized working area units
  • Demagnetizers available in hand, table and tunnel versions
  • Suitable for production lines i.e., under a conveyor belt
  • Enlarge work area by adding more demagnetizers side by side
  • Special Order FOB Factory call local Distributor for Price and Delivery