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For Liquids - X-Ray - MPI Magnet | Detect Contaminants

Hi-Q X-ray systems inspect for a full range of possible contaminants including metallic, and non-metallic (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, rubber, plastic etc.). Hi-Q X-ray can inspect metallic and non-metallic packaging and canned goods. Inspection is not effected by temperature, humidity, salt content or any other product effects.

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X-ray inspection is sorting based on product density. An x-ray inspection machine takes an image that is pixel based. The machine compares pixel density to stored pictures of “good” product to detect defects and contaminants. If the density of a product falls outside of acceptable range the reject mechanism removes the contaminated product out of the product flow.
  • Suitable for fluid and semi-fluid products.
  • Easily integrated into sealed pipe systems.
  • Compact design, small line space.
  • Teflon food-grade inner tube, high temperature and pressure resistance.
  • Fast and accurate rejection valve designed to reduce waste, also suitable for high-speed fluid and slow viscous products.


Model X-Ray Inspection for Liquids
Tube Diameter 75mm 100mm 150mm
X-Ray Tube Max. 80kV, 150W
Detection Ability SUS Ball ÿ,0.5mm, SUS Wire ÿ,0.3*2mm
Display Screen Full color TFT 15î Touch Screen
Power Supply AC220v (optional)
Temperature Adjustment Industrial Air Conditioner
Rejecter Valve Rejecter


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