Magnetic Belt Feeder

Magnetic Belt Feeder

Magnetic Belt Feeders are designed to trap ferrous materials that would otherwise contaminate final products. The Magnetic Belt Feeder is engineered to provide maximum elimination of metal contaminants. It consists of a belted conveyor with an integrated magnetic head pulley.

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  • Standard belt widths from 20″ to 48″
  • Adjustable take-up assembly
  • Standard drive system can be mounted below, right or left side
  • 1 HP direct drive motor package
  • Max speed of 22 FPM

MPI -- Magnetic Products, Inc.

As product reaches the end of the feeder’s conveyor, it passes through a magnetic field. Gravity causes clean, non-ferrous materials to exit and fall away from the MBF system. Ferrous metals are carried around the head pulley and are transported away from the magnetic field where they fall from the conveyor belt typically into a metal collections area.

Model # Unit Width Belt Width Magnetic Roll Diameter
Inches CM Inches CM Inches CM
MBF-1220 52.20 133 20 51 12 30
MBF-1230 62.20 158 30 76 12 30
MBF-1248 80.20 204 48 122 12 30

  • Custom motor voltages, belt speed, delivery/discharge transitions
  • Ceramic or rare earth magnet material
  • Welded or bolt-on legs
  • Magnetic roll circuitry: Axial, Radial

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