SharkNet Software

SHARKNET provides automatic documentation of operational data for metal detectors. The more

  • Sharknet Sofware
    • Managers can monitor real-time inspection results and actively manage multiple product inspection equipment from a central computer
    • Remote maintenance capability by operators and Cassel technicians
    • Traceability of all operational data including metal alerts, batch and average weight reports, parameter changes, PVS results, errors, and product passes
    • All data is stored in an SQL database for easy export
    • Auto report printing for simple HACCP-SQF 2000-BRC-GMP-IFS5-FSSC 22000/PAS 220 compliance
    • Backup of all stored parameters
  • Enhanced features include:
    • Quick, easy viewing and printing of HACCP reports
    • Backup and restoring of metal detector parameters
    • Software password protection

    SHARKNET® 2 is easy to use and intuitive. The operation is simple with installation into the familiar Windows environment. All functions are called up by a mouse click. All metal detector data will be displayed by point-and-click on the particular icons.

    The database and the archive function enable the recall of any previous time span. For instance, it is possible to prove that metal detection was active during any historical production batch.

    Report functions in Windows and Printing: IFS/HACCP/GMP/BRC Report, parameter sheet, graphic and text report of metal findings with metal detectors.

    Shark-1 Shark-2 SharkNET
    Technology 2-Channel analysis 4-Quadrant Technology Same as controller
    Display Alphanumeric LCD 5.4″ color screen Computer LCD
    Frequencies 1, 2 or 4 1, 2 or 4 Same as controller
    Sensitivity Normal user achieves 80% of metal detectors maximum performance without expert optimization Normal user achieves 90% of metal detectors maximum performance without expert optimization Same as controller
    Teach 8 to 14 samples 3 to 7 samples Same as controller
    Interface Strong digital filters Excellent digital filters Same as controller
    Outputs (2) Potential Free
    (4) Programmable
    (2) Potential Free
    (8) Programmable
    Same as controller
    Inputs (4) Programmable (8) Programmable Same as controller
    Language Latin characters only Global languages available Same as controller
    Memory Integrated flash for 50 events Integrated flash for 1000 events Unlimited data logging capabilities in SQL database
    Parameter Backup No No To computer hard drive
    # of Custom Products 120 120 Same as controller
    Temperature Standard: temp. -10 to + 50 °C
    humidity 30 to 85% not condensing
    Standard: temp. -10°C to +40°C, rel. humidity 30 to 85% not condensing;
    Options: -40°C or +55°C
    Same as computer
    Power Input 85-264 V AC,,50/60 Hz, 1P, self selecting 85-264 V AC,,50/60 Hz, 1P, self selecting Same as computer
    Communication Interface RS232, RS485 RS232, Ethernet and optional WLAN Same as computer
    Password Protection 1 Level 4 Levels Software is password protected
    Multiple System Control No No Yes
    Remote Maintenance No No Yes
    Auto Report Printing Metal event only to industrial printer Yes, any report to network printer Any report to PDF or network printer
    Validation Software Yes Yes Yes