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MPI’s magnetic tube are commonly used to remove small to medium size ferrous tramp metal contaminant from a variety of product streams. Typical uses include removing metallic grit from hydraulic reservoirs to minimize wear on the machine’s seals and bushings. Another typical use is for removing unwanted ferrous contaminant’s in food and chemical processing systems, thus improving product quality standards.

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MPI -- Magnetic Products, Inc.

The product stream flows around one or more 1” diameter magnetic tubes located within the product streams that are attached to their housing via the tapped end holes. As tramp metal contaminants are captured, they move to the underside of the tubes, eliminating tramp metal “wash-off”. Magnetic Tubes are easy to install and clean. They offer an efficient and economical ferrous metal filtration protection of your processing equipment. The tubes may be used as individual units or part of multiple row arrangements.

  • Powerful Ceramic magnet material standard
  • Complete seam welded tube ends
  • 1″ diameter 304 Stainless Steel tubing
  • ¼” – 20 x 3/8” tapped mounting holes
Magnetic Tube
Model #
Tube Length Approx. Weight of Unit
MT-104 4.0 102 0.75 .3
MT-106 6.0 152 0.91 .5
MT-108 8.0 203 1.19 .7
MT-110 10.0 254 1.41 .9
MT-112 12.0 305 1.77 1.0
MT-114 14.0 356 2.0 1.2
MT-116 16.0 406 2.3 1.4
MT-118 18.0 457 2.53 1.5
MT-120 20.0 508 3.0 1.7
MT-122 22.0 559 4.11 1.9
  • 3″ tube sizing available
  • High energy rare earth magnet material
  • Non-standard alloy stainless steel enclosures
  • Custom tapped mounting holes
  • Custom tube lengths
  • Quick-Clean designs
  • Heavy-duty designs available for receiving area applications
  • High temperature magnet materials
  • Abrasion resistance coatings
  • Learn more about magnetic tubes visit:

    Having the Strongest Magnetic Tube Education Center article

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