Tube Magnet

Tube Magnet

MPI’s magnetic tubes are commonly used to remove small to medium size ferrous tramp m more

  • Powerful Ceramic magnet material standard
  • Complete seam welded tube ends
  • 1″ diameter 304 Stainless Steel tubing
  • ¼″–20 x 3/8″ tapped mounting holes

Magnetic Tube Performance Table

MPI -- Magnetic Products, Inc.

The product stream flows around one or more 1” diameter magnetic tubes located within the product streams that are attached to their housing via the tapped end holes. As tramp metal contaminants are captured, they move to the underside of the tubes, eliminating tramp metal “wash-off”. Magnetic Tubes are easy to install and clean. They offer an efficient and economical ferrous metal filtration protection of your processing equipment. The tubes may be used as individual units or part of multiple row arrangements.

Magnetic Tube Model #Tube Length (in.)Tube Length (mm)Approx. Weight (lbs)Approx. Weight (kg)

Tube Magnet

  • Tube Diameter:
    • 1″ diameter (standard)
    • 3″ diameter (available for self-clean and quick clean only)
  • Tube Length:
    • Available lengths from 4″ to 36″ in any increment. For sizes over 36″, MPI reviews per application to ensure that product will meet life expectancy requirements.
  • Material Construction:
    • 304 Stainless Steel (standard)
    • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic Tubes:
    • Ceramic
    • REN Rare Earth (standard)
    • Hi-G high-performance Rare Earth
    • TW Thin Wall high-performance Rare Earth
  • Magnetic Material Temperature:
    • 400°F @ 3.5 MGO (ceramic)
    • 176°F @ 52-55 MGOe (rare earth) (standard)
    • 248°F @ 48 MGO (rare earth)
    • 356°F @ 38 MGO (rare earth)
    • 662°F @ 30 MGO (rare earth)
  • Tube Coatings:
    • Stainless steel with no coating (standard)
    • Synergistic Coating [reference datasheet Synergistic Coating]
  • Washdown / Liquid Tight Design:
    • Non-washdown for dry applications (standard)
    • Washdown design with liquid-tight tube for liquid or washdown applications

MPI can manufacture your tube with any end plug required for easy installation into your application.

  • Tube end design (end 1):
    • ¼-20 tapped (standard)
    • 3/8-20 tapped
    • Plain end
    • Bullet nose end
    • Bullet nose end ¼-20 tapped
    • Customer specified
  • Tube end design (end 2):
    • ¼-20 tapped (standard)
    • 3/8-20 tapped
    • Plain end
    • Bullet nose end
    • Bullet nose end ¼-20 tapped
    • Customer specified

MPI can manufacture your tubes with dead space on one or both ends to make metal removal easier. Note that there will be no magnetic protection in the dead space area and therefore should be located outside of the product flow area.

  • Dead space length:
    • No dead space, full magnetic tube (standard)
    • 2” dead space (slightly magnetic at end of the tube)
    • 4” dead space (no residual magnetism at end of the tube)
  • Dead space location:
    • Not applicable
    • End 1
    • End 2
    • Both ends

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