Coolant Cleaner

MPI’s Coolant Cleaner is a continuous cleaning magnetic separator that removes ferrous material from the coolant flow and deposits it into a disposal bin. This CC-series cleaner is ideal for production runs of ferrous material on cutting and grinding machine tools and works with water based coolants or straight cutting oils. Both cost effective and durable, this separator extends the life cycle of machine tools and coolant. It provides increased productivity with less downtime for machine coolant replacement.

With simple, automatic cleaning, the powerful Ceramic 8 magnet drum sits partially submerged in the coolant flow so that all liquid comes into contact with the high intensity magnetic field. Ferrous contaminant attaches itself to the rotating drum, where it is then continuously cleaned by a profiled scraper. The contaminant is pushed along the scraper until it falls into a bin. As the contaminant is pushed along the scraper, it compresses and excess liquid drains back into the tank, leaving the solids almost dry.