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MPI’s Pneumatic Tube Magnets are designed for use in pneumatic processing systems. Pneumatic Tube Magnets effectively remove inbound tramp metal contaminants from product streams conveyed by air in horizontal or vertical processing transfer lines. Typical applications include powder or granular food products, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemicals.

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MPI’s Pneumatic Tube Magnets easily install in an existing product conveying line, and are designed to maintain a continuous flow through the housing with no reduction in product velocity. The solid nose stainless steel cone diverts the product stream over the stainless steel magnetic tube. Collected tramp iron is easily cleaned by undoing the housing clamp, and whipping off the magnetic tube.

  • Exclusive, removable magnet element for quick, easy cleaning
  • Quick release tri-clover clamp
  • Rare Earth magnetic material
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Rugged all-welded construction
Model #
Unit Length Total Width
PTM-150-REN 1.5 38 16.3 414 3 76
PTM-200-REN 2 51 12.9 328 3 76
PTM-250-REN 2.5 64 9.08 231 3 76
  • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
  • Morris-type or tri-clover coupling
  • Custom diameters

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