Battery Lifting Magnet BMP

The MPI Battery Lifting Magnet BMP series feature a pole shape to handle round, angle sheet piles and flat materials - tubes, bars, I-, H- T- and Z shaped profile sections. The MPI BMP Battery Lifting Magnet, complete with remote control, is an ideal tool for handling situations where it is difficult to manually operate a lifting device. The versatility of the battery-powered lifting magnet makes it an essential workshop tool for steel stockist receiving and shipping areas, and accessories of transportation cranes, burning tables, machine tools, and/or sawing applications.

The BMP model manages flat loads from 3,968 lbs. to 7,936 lbs. and round loads from 2,425 lbs. to 4,850 lbs. which make the lifters capable of handling big format steel sheets, heavy blocks, various flame cuts, machine components, smooth castings or forgings.

All BMP battery-powered lifting magnets offer the highest level of safety. The synoptic display with battery level LED indicator features shutdown blocking during the lifting process (lifting eye sensor) plus audible and visual warning signals to indicate a low battery level. A user engages the lifter by the controls on the magnet body or the IR remote control from up to 33’ away.

All BMP battery powered lifting magnets are self-contained with a battery capacity of at least eight hours of operation (with 50% duty cycle). MPI’s BM series feature Variable Force and Tip-Off functions. This serves as a universal tool for handling various steel plates – thinner or thicker, single or multiple at once with subsequent dropping. Controllable force is convenient for picking up thin metal sheet from metal supports such as machine tables, pallets, benches etc.