Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet

Whether milling, turning, drilling or grinding, MPI’s Pneumatic Switchable Permanent more

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  • Compact package with minimal footprint
  • Magnet can be left “on” indefinitely
  • No degaussing period, magnet switches “on” and “off” instantly
  • Pneumatic operation – Switched “on” and “off” with a standard air supply (80PSI required)
  • Cool operation – no heat generated by use, therefore, no need for water cooling
  • Durable precision ground working surface
  • Sealed construction permits thorough cleaning and easy maintenance
  • “Air bearing effects” enables low effort robotic crowding

While electromagnets need continuous and expensive electrical power to maintain magnetism, MPI’s Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet requires electricity only to turn it on and off. This benefit is two-fold. One, less electrical power means lower utility costs. Two, the elimination of continuous electrical power means the Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet is safer to operate than an electromagnet. Should power be interrupted, the Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet retains its magnetism and continues to hold the workpiece without the need for an expensive battery back-up system. In comparison, an electromagnet that losses power will immediately release the workpiece, sending it off the machine tool and creating a significant operator safety issue. You can rest assured that the Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet will hold your workpiece in place reliably as intended.

In shear force tests, MPI’s Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet could handle up to 310 LBS of 0.7mm – 4” wide galvanized steel; 425 LBS with 1.2mm – 4” wide mild steel; and 660 LBS with 1.2mm – 9” wide P&O steel.