Rare Earth Surface Grinder Chuck

Rare Earth Surface Grinder Chuck

The MPI Rare Earth Surface Grinder Chuck offers exceptional holding force combined with hi more

The use of Neodymium magnets provides a high holding force and a good holding force in difficult situations. Due to the micropitch pole division, very small components can be held.

  • Holding Force 100N/cm² / 145lbs/in²
  • Min. workpiece size: 4 x 4 x 1mm/.157 x .157 x .039”
  • Regrinding limit: 7mm/.275”
  • Pole pitch: T1,9 1,4+0,5mm (steel/brass)
  • Poles transverse
  • One (1) year warranty for the magnetic system

This type of magnetic chuck is a manually operated permanent magnetic chuck. It is turned ON or OFF by turning the actuator shaft 180 degrees by means of an allen key. The chuck is independent of any external power supply during operation. This offers safety, constant holding power, accuracy and no heat development causing expansion.

MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.
MPI Magnetic Products, Inc.

  • Also available in stainless steel-high wear resistance
  • Special Order FOB Factory call local Distributor for Price and Delivery

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