Drawer Magnets

Manual Clean Drawer Magnet

Economical choice for keeping product clean and equipment safe more

Round Spout Drawer Magnet

Easy to install in round applications without transitions or flanges more

Quick-Clean Drawer Magnet

Easiest quick-clean magnet available in the industry can be cleaned in under 10 seconds more

Automated Self-Clean Drawer Magnet

Designed for hard to reach applications more

Sanitary Toolless Drawer Magnet

The next big thing in magnets includes a patent-pending sanitary design with toolless maintenance more

Continuous Flow Drawer Magnet

Designed for high metal contamination applications that require 24/7 product processing more

Carbon Stainless Steel Drawer Magnet

Ideal for industrial applications, especially plastics more

Large Tube Drawer Magnet

Designed for products that easily bridge or choke traditional drawer magnets more

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