Pneumatic Automated Fanner Magnets

Automated fanner magnets are designed for high-volume, PLC-operated production lines. U

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  • Designed specifically for fully automated production lines
  • Eliminates residual magnetic field when off, improving operator safety
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Enables easier handling of oily, sticky, polished sheets
  • Powerful rare earth permanent magnet material for fanning large sheets
  • Steel and stainless steel housing
  • Designed specifically for fully automated production lines
  • Compact and lightweight design for simple mounting to end of arm tooling

    Pneumatic automated fanner magnets (also known as fanning magnets) utilize one of the basic laws of magnetics: like poles repel and opposites attract. By inducing “like” magnetic fields into a stack of steel sheets or plates, repelling forces are created from sheet to sheet, forcing them to separate. When a stack is positioned, the magnet is then turned on and sheeting fanning occurs, requiring no operator interface with the magnets.

    Automated Fanner Magnet

    Model # Magnet Area Overall Width Overall Height (A)
    PAFM-725-90 10″ 7.25″ 10″
    PAFM-725-150 15″ 7.25″ 15″
    PAFM-725-210 21″ 7.25″ 21″

    • Pallet pin bracket
    • Replaceable wear strips
    • Special mounting available