Pneumatic Automated Fanner Magnet

Pneumatic Automated Fanner Magnet

Automated fanner magnets are designed for high-volume, PLC-operated production lines. Unlike traditional sheet separators, our exclusive system retracts the magnet away from the unit face, eliminating any residual magnetic field and allowing for safer and more consistent movement of metal sheets. MPI’s pneumatic automated fanner magnets significantly increase uptime by eliminating “double sheets” when handling oily, sticky or pre-finished blanks in automated stamping, forming and shearing operations. Eliminates residual magnetic field when off, improving operator safety Increasing productivity and efficiency Enables easier handling of oily, sticky, polished sheets Powerful rare earth permanent magnet for fanning large sheets Compact and lightweight design for simple mounting to end of arm tooling

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  • Powerful rare earth permanent magnet material
  • Steel and stainless steel housing

Pneumatic automated fanner magnets utilize one of the basic laws of magnetics: like poles repel and opposites attract. By inducing “like” magnetic fields into a stack of steel sheets or plates, repelling forces are created from sheet to sheet, forcing them to separate. When a stack is positioned, the magnet is then turned on and sheeting fanning occurs, requiring no operator interface with the magnets.

Model # Height Width
Magnet Area Overall Width Overall Height
PAFM-725-90 10″ 7.25″ 10″
PAFM-725-150 16″ 7.25″ 15″
PAFM-725-210 21″ 7.25″ 21″

  • Pallet pin bracket / special mounting available
  • Replaceable wear strips

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