Testing, Accessories, And Replacement Parts

Pull Test Kit

MPI’s pull test kit is the most accurate and easiest method to test the strength of your magnets … more

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Gauss Meter

MPI’s GM2 Gauss Meter is designed to measure strong and moderate magnetic fields … more

Metal Detector Test Sticks

Acrylic test sticks with embedded ferrous, nonferrous or stainless steel … more

Magnetic Tube Probe

MPI’s magnetic tube probe is used to test bulk product containers for ferrous contamination … more

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Tabletop Demagnetizer

The MPI Tabletop Demagnetizer (TTD) is recommended for quick and simple demagnetization of…   more


Replacement Parts

Replacement stripper seals and gaskets …more

Other Products

Electromagnets, Pan Mount Brackets, Safe Inserts, Wall Magnets, and other Miscellaneous Items .. more

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