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History of the Magnet

Learn about where magnets came from and their evolution into today’s modern machinery staple…More

Magnetic Fields & Circuitry

Learn about magnetism, how to measure it, and what ways we engineer magnets to attract and retain metal…More

How Long Will Your Magnet Last?

Learn what factors lead to the weakening of your magnet …More

Magnetic Applications

Learn where to best place your magnet for the job you want it to do …More

Cleaning Your Magnet

Best practices for keeping your magnet clean and working efficiently … More

Testing Your Magnet

Make sure your magnet is staying as strong as the day you installed it … More

How it Works

View videos of our most popular products in action …More

Project Showcase

Unique applications, custom projects and very satisfied customers … More

White Papers

View and download white papers on the industry’s most important topics … More

Having the Strongest Magnet

The strongest magnet or the right magnet; what it means to have the strongest magnet in the industry …More

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