Packaged Products

Packaged Products X-Ray is ideal for packaged food or non-food products in big sizes, for example in boxes with plastic packaging and even boxes with metal foils or metal cans… more


Bulk Products

Bulk Products X-Ray system is predominantly used for food or non-food products in bulk such as unpacked nuts, dried fruits or sweets more


Liquid Pipeline

Liquid Pipeline X-Ray is particularly suitable for pumped food or non-food products in pipelines. Through the pipeline quick release, the pipe can be removed in a few easy steps for cleaning… more

Glass Jar and Can Line

Glass, Jar and Can Line

Referred as the “side up”, the Glass, Jar and Can Line works best for food or non-food products in glass or plastic containers like jars or bottles…   more

X-Ray Electronic Inspection Overview

X-Ray inspection is sorting based on product density. An X-Ray inspection machine takes an image that is pixel based. The machine compares pixel density to stored pictures of “good” product to detect defects and contaminants. If the density of a product falls outside of acceptable range the reject mechanism removes the contaminated product out of the product flow.

MPI Cassel X-Ray electronic inspection systems offer many advantages. Cassel X-Ray devices ensure foreign body inspection with total safety for the health of your operational staff. TÜV approved.

High quality components guarantee years of hassle free operation resulting in low cost of ownership. The brilliant, large touch screens along with the clearly structured X-Ray software are user friendly for the operator to intuitively set up products.

Sophisticated inspection features offer superb inspection sensitivity achieving first-rate detection results even with complex products. The compact design and large inspection area allows the inspection of larger products.

German engineering and manufacturing have proven results of long-term reliability, endurance and safety. High quality components selected for even the smallest details offer the strictest quality standards.

Magnetic safety switches at cabinet doors and tunnel hatches ensure radiation immediately is switched off when a door is opened. The PILZ safety circuit provides full and independent safety in any case.

The X-Ray generator is designed especially for industrial product inspection for long running time.

Advanced and efficient cooling system designed for wide range of component requirements. The cooling system circumvents that the X-Ray generator overheats resulting in a long, life time of the X-Ray tube and other components.

Minimized downtimes with easily replaceable and readily available spare parts. Sophisticated software specifically developed for X-Ray product inspection providing perfect combination of high quality image processing and intuitive operation.

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