Gravity Magnetic Separators

Tube Magnets

Most economical way to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows… more

Grate Magnets

Removes medium and small-size ferrous tramp metal in gravity-fed vertical chutes, hoppers, housings, surge or catch bins… more

Plate Magnets

Capture fine-to-medium ferrous tramp metal in chute applications… more

Drawer Magnets

Most common method to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows  more

Chute Magnets

Magnet element is installed around the product flow, eliminating potential wear from highly abrasive products… more

Free-Flow Magnets

Designed for abrasive products such as those in grain or mining applications more

Magnetic Rotary Feeder

Designed to protect and control feeding characteristics of free-flowing materials above hammer mills more

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