Grate Magnet

Grate Magnet

Grate Magnets are easy to install and clean. They offer efficient, economical magnetic more

  • Powerful Ceramic 8 permanent magnetic material
  • Liquid tight, seam-welded end caps
  • 100% stainless steel enclosed design
  • 1” dia. magnetic tubes, mounted on 2” centers
  • Rugged all-welded construction

Grate Magnets

The product stream flows through a row of 1” diameter magnetic tubes, located on 2” centers, allowing 1” of space between each tube. The tubes are held in place with a stainless steel support frame. As tramp metal contaminants are captured, they move to the underside of the magnetic tubes, eliminating tramp metal “wash-off.” MPI Grate Magnets are designed for easy removal and cleaning of collected tramp metal.

  • Round: 15 standard sizes from 6” – 36”
  • Square: standard sizes from 4” – 48”


grate magnet

grate magnet


Designed for fine, free flowing product streams. This diverter design has a 90° bend to assure the maximum contact of product onto the magnetic tube.


Recommended for medium size product streams. The 60° bend permits a smooth product flow while still forcing the product over the magnetic tubes.


Designed for coarse, granular product streams. These diverters are designed with .375” dia. stainless steel bars, providing minimal product flow deflection.;

  • Three different types of product stream diverters
  • Custom tube spacing
  • Quick-clean designs
  • Rare Earth designs
  • Custom grate sizes and mountings
  • External frame
  • USDA model available
  • Hi-G model available – learn more about magnetic tubes in our Education Center at Having the Strongest Magnetic Tube

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