Grate Magnet

MPI’s grate magnets are proudly made in the USA and are designed to remove medium and

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  • Powerful Ceramic 8 permanent magnetic material
  • Liquid tight, seam-welded end caps
  • 100% stainless steel enclosed design
  • 1” dia. magnetic tubes, mounted on 2” centers
  • Rugged all-welded construction

Grate Magnets

The product stream flows through a row of 1” diameter magnetic tubes, located on 2” centers, allowing 1” of space between each tube. The tubes are held in place with a stainless steel support frame. As tramp metal contaminants are captured, they move to the underside of the magnetic tubes, eliminating tramp metal “wash-off.” MPI Grate Magnets are designed for easy removal and cleaning of collected tramp metal.

  • Round: 15 standard sizes from 6” – 36”
  • Square: standard sizes from 4” – 48”


grate magnet

grate magnet

Type D2 Diverters:

Designed for fine, free flowing product streams. This diverter design has a 90° bend to assure the maximum contact of product onto the magnetic tube.

Type D3 Diverters:

Recommended for medium size product streams. The 60° bend permits a smooth product flow while still forcing the product over the magnetic tubes.

Type D4 Diverters:

Designed for coarse, granular product streams. These diverters are designed with .375” dia. stainless steel bars, providing minimal product flow deflection.;

  • Three different types of product stream diverters
  • Custom tube spacing
  • Quick-clean designs
  • Rare Earth designs
  • Custom grate sizes and mountings
  • External frame
  • USDA model available
  • Hi-G model available – learn more about magnetic tubes in our Education Center at Having the Strongest Magnetic Tube