Magnetic Belt Conveyors

MPI’s Magnetic Belt Conveyors provide effective control of ferrous objects on high sp

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As a leader in the development of material handling equipment MPI is committed to the continuous design and performance improvements of their products. This commitment to excellence is made to you with superior quality, workmanship, and assistance in selecting the right equipment for the job.

Magnetic Belt Conveyors

A permanent or electromagnetic rail located beneath the conveying belt surface attracts the ferrous objects to the belt. This magnetic attraction acts as a clamping force against the belt causing the ferrous objects to move with the belt and able to overcome any angle of incline or decline.

Magnetic Belt Conveyors

  • Standard belt widths form 4” to 24”
  • 6” Height is considered standard

  • Low profile designs
  • Ancillary components such as feeders, hoppers etc.
  • Drive motor: fixed speed, variable speed, motorized pulley, direct drive, chain drive
  • Drive motor mounting: top mount, bottom mount, side mount
  • Support legs: none, fixed, adjustable, with or without casters
  • Magnet material: ceramic, rare earth