Inline Pneumatic Drawer Magnet

Inline Pneumatic Drawer Magnet

MPI’s new patent-pending pneumatic drawer style magnetic separator is ideally suited to capture small contaminants, such as wire, metal shavings and metal wear from dry powder or granular free-flowing product streams in pneumatically conveyed lines up to 15 PSI. Used in primary, secondary or finishing applications, this next generation drawer magnet delivers the highest levels of equipment protection and product purity.

  • Dust-tight stainless steel construction
  • Manual quick-clean and automated self-clean designs for easy cleaning”
  • Stripper plate is easily replaceable and provides complete stripping action of magnetic tubes with sanitary design
  • Five rows of 1” dia. magnetic tubes on 2.5” centers for maximum magnetic filtration
  • Powerful rare earth magnet material
  • Operating temperatures up to 176° F
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of both magnetic tubes and stripper plate
  • Minimal tools needed for disassembly
  • Appropriate for applications up to 15 PSI
  • Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket
    • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket
    • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed
    • Sanitary: Can be removed for wash-down, no adhesive required

Product flows through five rows of 1” diameter magnetic tubes, designed to create an extremely effective magnetic circuit. The rows of magnetic tubes are staggered to maximize magnetic filtration as product flows through the housing. Tramp metal contaminants move to the underside of the magnetic tubes eliminating tramp metal “wash-off.” After terminating the product flow, the magnetic tubes are pulled through a non-metallic Teflon stripper plate that cleans the magnetic tubes and deposits the metal contaminants into a collection tray outside of the product stream.

Model #
Opening Overall Width Overall Length
(Drawer Closed)
Overall Length
(Drawer Open)
Number of
Magnetic Tubes
Approx. Weight
ILPDM 3 3 7.62 17 43.18 33 86.36 34 86.36 7 170 77
ILPDM 4 4 10.16 17 43.18 33 86.36 34 86.36 12 200 90
ILPDM 5 5 12.7 17 43.18 33 86.36 34 86.36 12 200 90

  • Custom magnetic tube spacing
  • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
  • High temperature designs up to 500° F available
  • Inlet and outlet transition adapters, custom sized to customer specification
  • Synergistic-coated magnetic tubes for use with abrasive product flows
  • Custom stripper plate material
  • Metal detectable plastic components
  • Choice of magnet tube material:
    • Ceramic 8 magnet material for less severe tramp metal applications
    • Rare Earth magnet material for higher operating temperatures
    • Hi-G material and Thin Wall designs for specialized applications
    • Learn more about magnetic tubes visit:

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