Checkweighers quickly and accurately measure the weight and corresponding packaging req more

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  • Various high-speed reject systems to enable rejection of multiple products
  • Variable speed controls provide the ability to change speeds for different package sizes and rates
  • Interface design features a full color touch screen system that is simple, intuitive and easy to operate
  • Product database can store up to 100 unique products, three-level password protection
  • Automatic parameter adjustment, simply input the product parameters and weighing requirements to achieve the correct setting
  • Simple single static calibration for your range of products – no dynamic calibration required
  • Multiple reject zone and settings allow for low reject, low pass, good, high pass & high reject
  • Data statistics function, audit trail for calibrations
  • Data export – Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 and RS-422 built in variety of data formats
  • Available connections for data logging and outputs to remote digital displays or HMI interfaces
  • Optional Modbus interfaces available
  • Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel construction available
  • Rated for IP54 – IP66 (4X) environments
  • Checkweigher controls can be frame-mounted or free-standing
  • Can easily integrate with your preferred metal detector for a combination inspection system
  • Single, double or multi-lane reject options available
  • All systems allow for customization

Checkweighers quickly and accurately measure the weight and corresponding packaging requirements of any product as it is moving across the belt in the production line. Items are classified by preset weight zones which are sorted or rejected based on the predetermined classifications. These systems ensure quality control and customer satisfaction by verifying that products meet the target weight while providing cost savings through minimizing giveaway.

Checkweighers provide compliance to government regulations and assist with product tracking. Data captured consists of production counts, batch tracking, total weights, good weights and rejected weights. A diverse range of industries incorporate checkweigh systems into the production process, which include food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, transportation, chemicals, automotive and metal manufacturing and fabrication.

Smaller Scale

Smaller scale drag chain style checkweighers are ideal for can, jar, small carton (coffee), canned food, pet food, nutraceutical, paint, adhesives, produce, candies, box, tub, carton and other rigid containers. The drag chain style checkweigher is equipped with two strands of flat-link chain to carry your rigid package across a fixed scale section. The standard conveyor length is 36”; weigh table lengths range from 3” to 14” long; and conveyor widths from 1” to 10”. Conveyor speeds are up to 400 fpm with performance rates as high as 350 packages per minute and accuracies as high as +/-0.5g for capacities up to 10 lbs.

Small belt conveyors are used extensively with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packages for products such as produce, meat, poultry, ice cream, FFS bagged sauces, flow-wrapped baked goods, coffee, tea, small cartons and spices. Small belt conveyor lengths are available in 12”, 14”, 18”, 20”, 24” and 28” and belt widths from 4” to 18”. Conveyor speeds are up to 300 fpm with performance rates as high as 220 packages per minute and accuracies as high as +/-0.5g @ 2 Sigma with capacities up to 20 lbs.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty checkweigh systems are standard for concrete, cement, salt, sand and earth products. Conveyor speeds are variable up to 250 fpm with performance rates up to 50 packages per minute and accuracies of up to +/-0.05 lbs. @ 2 Sigma for capacities up to 110 lbs. and repeatability as great as +/-0.03 lb. @ 2 Sigma.

Checkweigh specifications vary per unit. Download the Datasheet for system details. Contact MPI to discuss your application.