Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor

MPI’s Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor (SBC) offers a competitive design to handle a wide ra more

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  • Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor
    • Heat-treated belt rollers for optimum wear life
    • UHMW wiper to reduce product backflow
    • Heavy-duty cast iron sprockets
    • 11 ga. carbon steel frame
    • Removable access panel for easy maintenance
    • Can be built with eight-position fixed height support legs or take-up allows for ±3.0″ of belt

  • Belt widths standard from 6” to 36” (specified by the customer)
  • The angle of incline from 15° to 75° (specified by the customer)
  • Discharge height – specified by the customer
  • Infeed length – specified by the customer
  • Overall length – specified by the customer

  • Wire mesh belts also available
  • Ancillary components, such as feeders, hoppers, etc.