Metal Detector PH (Pharma)

Typically, the METAL SHARK® PH types are used at the outlet of a tablet press and prov more

Outstanding Sensitivity and Stability: The METAL SHARK® PH provides outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, stability and precise compensation of the electric conductivity of the product.

IQ, OQ, PQ, SQ Qualification Templates: Cassel supplies the required qualification templates along with the METAL SHARK® PH metal detector (SQ is optional).

Performance validation: This automatically prompts the operator to test the performance of the Metal Shark at pre-set intervals.

Infeed and Reject System: Chutes, molded, for both infeed and reject throughput max. 5000 tablets per minute. Solenoid driven stainless steel reject diverter mechanism, mirror polished, variable infeed / outfeed height quick demount design for easy cleaning.

Support Stand: Stainless steel support stand, mirror polished, mobile through castors and fixed feet, height-adjustable.

No Maintenance: The automatic balance and calibration control ensures many years of reliable performance. The requirement for costly routine manufacturer actions is eliminated. Once set, the METAL SHARK® does not require any manufacturer adjustment at all, thereby helping you save your service budget.

The tablets fall through the metal detector. With the reject flap the smallest metal objects are promptly separated out of the goods stream.. With a maintenance-free design and high quality construction, the METAL SHARK® PH performs reliably in the most challenging industrial environments.

Pharmaceutical metal detection system featuring: PH Sensor head, Infeed and reject system, Mobile frame with castors, stainless steel mirror polished

  • Infeed and Reject System:
    • PVDF pipe, inner diameter 44 mm (1,73″)
    • Solenoid driven reject diverter mechanism
    • Variable infeed/outfeed height
    • Quick demount design for easy cleaning
  • Support stand:
    • Stainless steel support stand
    • Mobile through castors and fixed feet
    • Height adjustable
  • Tablet flow rates:
    • Tablet Ø5xT3.5 mm = 31200 pcs/min.
    • Tablet Ø7xT4.5 mm = 26500 pcs/min.
    • Tablet Ø12xT4.5 mm = 12200 pcs/min.
    • Tablet Oval W9xL16.5xT6.5 mm = 10500 pcs/min.
  • Best metal sensitivity:
    • Fe Ø 0,3 / NFe Ø 0,4 / SS(316) Ø 0,5 mm
  • Controller Features:
    • Digital signal processor, digital noise filter, digital balance control, digital frequency control with a synthesizer, digital temperature shift control, continuous self-monitoring, maintenance-free, no need for calibration, self-calibration of all circuits, PowerDrive circuit, Product Compensation performed automatically, with auto TEACH key
    • Output Signal metal alarm with potential-free changeover contact, metal alarm for 24 V SPS activation
    • Measuring Method inductive, multi-channel operation, balanced receiver coil
    • Product Library 120 storage spaces
    • Ambience temperature -10 to +50 °C, humidity 30 to 85%
    • Power Supply one phase 85 ~ 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 Watt
    • Interface RS232, RS485, provide documentation

    • SHARKNET® software
      • Monitor real-time inspection results and actively manage product inspection equipment from a central computer
      • Enables automatic downloading of data documentation to a Windows-based PC
      • Support required compliance with: HACCP-SQF 2000-BRC-GMP-IFS5-FSSC 22000/PAS 220
      • Remote maintenance capability by operators and Cassel technicians
      • All data is stored in an SQL database for easy export or integration if needed