Sanitary Toolless Drawer Magnet (ILGDM)

MPI’s new patent-pending Sanitary Toolless Drawer Magnet (ILGDM) is ideally suited to more

Quick clean drawer magnet
  1. Patent Pending Sanitary Design:
    • Locking tubes do not require fasteners and leave no cracks or crevasses
    • No fasteners in the working area for proper sanitary design
    • Allows toolless maintenance and sanitation (safety fasteners included for self-clean models)
  2. Stripper Block:
    • Tool-less cartridge-style stripper design for quick and easy replacement and sanitation
    • Fixed outside product flow to prevent jams and cleaning of tubes in product flow
    • Dual stripper design to remove ferrous fines commonly left behind by single stripper designs
    • Material: FDA approved UHMW & Buna
  3. Cleaning Cycle:
    • Start: Unlatch the drawer and pull the magnetic tubes through the stripper assembly to deposit
      the collected tramp iron from the magnetic tubes into the collection tray
    • Finish: Push the magnetic tubes back through the stripper assembly into the housing (working
      position) and re-latch the drawer
  4. Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket
    • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket
    • Sealing plate: ½” thick machined stainless plate
    • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed
    • Sanitary: Can be removed for wash-down, no adhesive
    • Material: FDA approved silicone
  5. Easy Grip T-handles
  6. Rear Access Panel:
    • For easy inspection and maintenance
  7. Tramp Iron Collection Tray:
    • Attachment: Removable cantilever tray
    • Locking notch prevents the tray from vibrating loose
  8. Robust Drawer Tracking:
    • Type: DualVee guide wheels
    • Material: Stainless steel square bar and wheels
    • Design: Self-cleaning for harsh environments
    • Stops: (3)
      • Stop 1: For regular cleaning, factory default
      • Stop 2: For replacing the stripper mechanism or
        sanitation, tool-less
      • Stop 3: For replacing magnetic tubes, tools required

how it works
The product stream flows through a series of 1” diameter magnetic tubes designed to create an extremely effective magnetic circuit. Each row of magnetic tubes is staggered to prevent bridging or choking of the product stream and to maximize magnetic filtration as product flows through the housing. Tramp metal contaminants are attracted to the magnetic tubes. The manually operated cleaning system safely removes tramp metal from the product stream to a disposal area outside the product flow area.


US Customary Units

Model #
Flow Opening
Overall Width (C) Overall Length
(Drawer Open)
Overall Length
(Drawer Closed)
Number of Magnetic Tubes Approx. Weight Flow Rate
ILGDM 8 8 19 31 25.71 7 120 600
ILGDM 10 10 21 35 29.71 9 150 1,350
ILGDM 12 12 23 39 23.71 11 180 2,400
ILGDM 14 14 25 43 37.71 13 210 3,037

Metric Units

Model #
Flow Opening
Overall Width (C) Overall Length
(Drawer Open)
Overall Length
(Drawer Closed)
Number of Magnetic Tubes Approx. Weight Flow Rate
ILGDM 8 20.3 48.2 79 65 7 54 16.99
ILGDM 10 25.4 53.3 89 76 9 68 38.23
ILGDM 12 30.5 58.4 99 86 11 81 67.96
ILGDM 14 35.6 63.5 109 96 13 95 86.00

  • Custom magnet tube spacing for products with bulk density under 30 PCF
  • Multi-tier configuration
  • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
  • Custom inlet/outlet flange sizing
  • Abrasive resistant and non-stick surface treatment
  • Inlet and outlet transition adapters sized to customer specifications
  • Self-cleaning model available
  • Metal detectable plastic components
  • Choice of magnet tube material:
    • Ceramic 8 magnet material for less severe tramp metal applications
    • Rare Earth magnet material for higher operating temperatures
    • Hi-G material and Thin Wall designs for specialized applications