Quick Release Pan Mount Bracket

The Quick Release Pan Mount Bracket is designed to easily remove the shaker pan from yo more

Shaker pan should always be securely mounted to the crossbar to ensure proper scrap transfer and protect the pans and motor from damage. MPI Quick Release Pan Mount Bracket Accessory are designed to make adding, removing or moving shaker pan quick and easy for operators in between die changes. Once tightened by hand, the mounting system securely attaches the pan to the crossbar. This metal mounting system does not use any plastic that wears out over time and is lightweight so it does not impact the long term performance of the shaker system. One set is required for each pan. A set includes a left and right hand pan attachment.

Quick Release Pan Mount Bracket Accessory
Model Number Extrusion Size Electric Scrap Shaker Model
QRPMB-1.5X1.5 1.5″ M-10 & M-50
QRPMB-1.5X3.0 3.0″ M-200
QRPMB-1.5X4.5 4.5″ M-200 Rack & Pinion