Round Spout Drawer Magnet (RSDM)

Round Spout Drawer Magnet (RSDM)

MPI’s Round Spout Drawer Magnets are designed to remove medium and small size ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular, free-flowing product streams in round gravity-fed vertical chutes and spouts. MPI’s RSDM offers an easy and economical solution for protecting processing equipment and providing greater product purity. It is an ideal product for sifter and screener discharge spouts eliminating the need for mounting transitions or flanges.

  • Dust-tight stainless steel construction
  • Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket
    • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket
    • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed
    • Sanitary: Can be removed for wash-down, no adhesive required
  • Powerful Rare Earth magnet material
  • One or two rows of seam-welded 1” diameter magnet tubes

MPI -- Magnetic Products, Inc.
The product stream flows through one or two tiers (depending on model selection) of 1” diameter magnetic tubes designed to create an extremely effective magnetic circuit. The two row units have magnetic tubes staggered to prevent bridging or choking of the product stream and maximize magnetic filtration as product flows through the housing. Tramp metal containments move to the underside of the magnetic tubes eliminating tramp metal “wash off.” The front door panel with magnetic tubes attached can be quickly unlatched, removed and cleaned outside the product flow area.

Model #
Overall Diameter Number
of Tubes
RSDM-04-REN 4 10 1
RSDM-05-REN 5 13 2
RSDM-06-REN 6 15 2
RSDM-07-REN 7 18 3
RSDM-08-REN 8 20 3
RSDM-10-REN 10 25 4
RSDM-12-REN 12 30 5

  • Custom housing flange connections
  • Custom alloy stainless steel construction
  • Custom magnetic tube spacing
  • Choice of magnet tube material:
    • Ceramic 8 magnet material for less severe tramp metal applications
    • Rare Earth magnet material for higher operating temperatures
    • Hi-G material and Thin Wall designs for specialized applications

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